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Hardness Testing Products from WEBSTER®

You need to know that the results you are given are accurate when it comes to testing the hardness of materials. Luckily, WEBSTER Instrument, Inc. has the hardness testing products you need to receive fast and accurate results.

Our portable hardness testers are made in three distinct models for testing brass, aluminum, copper, and mild steel. They allow you to quickly identify tempers and test a variety of shapes that other models simply cannot check—including tubing, extrusions, and flat stock.

Every one of our tester models operates in the same manner. The only differences are in the type of load spring, hardness ranges, and penetrator design. Contact us to learn more about all of our different hardness testing tools.

Ladies on a Factory Line Creating the WEBSTER™ Hardness Tester

Model B

The Model B Tester is designed to cover the hardness of aluminum alloys from the 100 to the 7075 series. The 20 graduations on the dial indicator cover the range between 25 and 110 on the Rockwell E Scale.

WEBSTER™ Hardness Tester - Model B

Model B-75

Developed to obtain a more sensitive response to slight changes in the upper range of hardness covered by the Model B, the Model B-75 Tester is particularly useful in testing the hardness of stronger aluminum alloys as well as of mild steel. The B-75 covers the range from annealed to full-hard for brass. It is accomplished by incorporating a penetrator of slightly different contours and a heavier load spring than used in the Model B, and the 20 graduations on the dial indicator cover the range between 20 and 100 on the Rockwell B Scale.

WEBSTER™ Hardness Tester - Model B-75

Model BB-75

Certain industries needed a method of rapidly testing the hardness of electrodeposited copper in the low hardness range. The Model BB-75 Tester was the solution. This penetrator is used to give sensitivity while the Model B load spring is employed to give light pressure. This combination allows users to test the soft range of many common materials. The graph below shows the range covered by this tester on copper.

WEBSTER™ Hardness Tester - Model BB-75

Test Strips

In addition to our hardness tester, we also offer test strips for hardness testers. These are specially designed to determine if an instrument, such as the WEBSTER Hardness Tester, is calibrated correctly.