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Choose Only Genuine Webster® Hardness Testing Products

It is an unwelcome trespass on our quality and standing within the industry that many manufacturers at home and abroad continue to make counterfeit copies of our hardness testing products and infringe on our trademark. For authentic Webster® hardness testing devices, make sure that you are using one of our approved vendors or place your order directly with our Los Angeles production center.

Contact us through the customer support tab on this site if you have concerns that you may have purchased a counterfeit tester rather than an authentic one. You can also report suspected counterfeits in the same way.

We cannot repair counterfeit handheld hardness testing tools or provide support due to their substandard parts and calibration.

Quality counts for your company, so that is why you should be absolutely positive that you are purchasing genuine Webster products. Our hardness testers have been manufactured since 1932 at our production facility in California.

Using the Law on Our Behalf

We will do everything in our power to ensure that any dealer or individual who sells counterfeit Webster products is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Approved Domestic Vendors List

You can purchase hardness testing devices with confidence from these approved Webster vendors:

McMaster-Carr - Chicago, IL
Paul N. Gardner Company - Pompano Beach, FL
Qualitest USA LC - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Check back soon for our list of approved international vendors.

Genuine Product Repairs & Part Replacements

Should your genuine Webster hardness testing product experience a malfunction, there is only one place to call. We provide quality control tester repair for any of our instruments to ensure our customers experience the finest performance and most accurate results.

There is little room for error with any application that relies on parts that must hold up under pressure. When your hardness testing device isn’t performing as expected, it can slow down operations. Our goal is to ensure every customer experiences the finely tuned calibration of our trusted products.

We supply replacement parts and offer comprehensive repairs that provide long-term reliability. You have invested in testing equipment and need to know the information is accurate, so count on our team to provide quality control tester repairs that get you back on track. No matter what the problem with the device, we have a solution.

You can stay ahead of issues with routine maintenance and assessment of your tools. Be sure to examine the penetrators periodically and replace them when they show signs of wear or damage. Should your hardness tester malfunction or require repairs, just give our Customer Service Department a call, and they will be happy to help troubleshoot the issue.