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When you need accurate and efficient equipment for testing material hardness, then our portable hardness testing tool is the right solution. At Weber Instrument, Inc., we have a long history of creating high-quality tools for hardness testing and pride ourselves on consistently delivering exceptional products to our clients.

Having accurate test results is critical when designing or engineering products, which is why we ensure that all of our test tools are accurate and precise. This way, you can always trust the results you receive from using our hardness testing tools. Contact us to learn more about the tools that we have to offer or to discuss the test equipment you need for your business.

Handheld and Easy to Use

One of the key hallmarks of our company is that we offer handheld hardness testing tools. This makes our testers ideal for use in a situation where bringing your materials to a lab is not possible. Our tool can also be used in conjunction with bench-mounted hardness testers to generate a correlation between your quality control department and the production line. The handheld nature of our tools also means that they can be used in rapid testing, providing fast and accurate results right away.

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