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The History of Our Hardness Testing Tools

Webster Instrument, Inc. is a fourth-generation, family-owned business founded by R.A. Webster way back in 1932. The WEBSTER(R) hardness testing tools were developed during his years as the Chief of Inspection at the Douglas Aircraft Company. Since that time, our company has remained owner-operated. We look into the future to continue building on our reputation for delivering high-quality, accurate hardness gauges with exceptional customer service.

Being in business for almost a century isn’t just thanks to the quality of our products. It is also thanks to those original customers that took a chance on what we had to offer and saw the difference our premium products were able to bring to the table. The foundation of Webster Instrument, Inc. was built on the reputation of these first customers, including:

  • Boeing Airplane Co.
  • Northrop Corp.
  • Douglas Aircraft Co.
  • Lockheed Co.
  • Bureau of Aeronautics
  • Department of Defense
  • U.S. Navy
  • Chance Vought
  • Sikorsky
  • Starrett Co.
  • Hudson Motor Car Co.

Always Innovating

The key to being one of the industry leaders is our willingness to make advancements in our hardness testing products to ensure they always deliver the very best results for our customers. That is why we have created three distinct models for testing aluminum, brass, copper, and mild steel.

These hardness testing tools quickly identify tempers and test a variety of shapes that other testers simply cannot check—including extrusions, tubing, and flat stock. So contact us when you are looking for portable, fast, and accurate hardness gauges for your manufactured materials.

Woman Using WEBSTERâ„¢ Hardness Tester