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Fast, Accurate and Portable Metal Hardness Testing Equipment
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Fast, Accurate and Portable Metal Hardness Testing Equipment
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Fast, Accurate and Portable Metal Hardness Testing Equipment
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 Hardness Tester

Webster Instrument, Inc. is a fourth-generation, family-owned business that was founded by our grandfather, R.A. Webster, in 1932. The WEBSTER® Hardness Tester was developed during his years as the Chief of Inspection at the Douglas Aircraft Company. Webster Instrument, Inc. today remains owner-operated as we look into the future to continue building on our reputation of quality customer service.

The WEBSTER® Hardness Tester is a portable, fast, accurate hardness gauge that is made in three distinct models for testing aluminum, brass, copper, and mild steel. The WEBSTER® Hardness Tester will quickly identify tempers and test a variety of shapes that other testers cannot check, such as extrusions, tubing, and flat stock.

Designed for Precision

Each of our hardness testers is carefully crafted and calibrated to deliver dependable readings. We understand that hardworking professionals need the right results in order to achieve their projects’ goals. With our tools in hand, you never need to wonder whether the reading you get is reliable. 

More than eight decades of experience give us a unique perspective in the industry, and our continuous commitment to customer confidence makes us the premier choice for hardness testing. We empower you to perform your best, knowing that you have precise information about the objects and materials you work with. Most importantly, we offer several solutions to keep our testers in ideal shapes, such as:

  • Parts
  • Repairs
  • Training
  • Test Strips

Our Test Strips

In addition to our Hardness Tester, we also offer test strips. These are specially designed to determine if an instrument, such as the WEBSTER® Hardness Tester, is calibrated correctly. 

While these strips work well with other brands, they pair best with our versatile hardness testing devices. By employing our available tools together, you gain complete and continuous peace of mind when it comes to the functionality of your testers. That means more confidence in your materials at any stage in your workflow process. 

Whether you’re checking for a proper heat-treatment response or need to evaluate an assembly that can’t be transported to a lab, we have you covered. Portable, powerful, and easy to operate, our testers provide a quick solution that would take slower equipment hours. 

Inquire now to determine the strength of different metals using our Hardness Tester. We ship worldwide.