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Harness Tester Replacement Parts and Repairs

Accuracy matters when it comes to hardness tester performance, and it depends on having parts that hold up under pressure. At WEBSTER INSTRUMENT, INC., we make sure our customers always have the components they need to test with confidence. Our replacement parts and repairs give you the long-term reliability you need to make the most of your investments in testing equipment. That way, you get the results you need and the value you deserve.

For your convenience, we’ve provided a cutaway view of a WEBSTER® product that shows the working parts common to all quality control testers. Each is easily identified with a model and serial number stamped on the frame, which should help you communicate effectively you need when ordering parts or requesting service. For best performance, make sure to examine penetrators periodically for wear and replace them promptly when they show signs of distress. These devices and load springs differ with each tester model. The other parts on the diagram are common to all three devices we service.

Cut Away Of Instrument

WEBSTER® Hardness Tester
Parts Listed for Models B, B-75, and BB-75

Model B
Frame Part No.
Model B-75
Frame Part No.
Model BB-75
Frame Part No.
A - Frame 103 103 103
B - Handle 104 104 104
C - Pivot Screw 108 108 108
D - Anvil 107 107 107
E - Housing Key 112 112 112
F - Return Spring 111 111 111
G - Penetrator 116 117 117
H - Load Spring 110-B 110 110-B
J - Penetrator Housing 118 118 118
K- Adjusting Nut 106 106 106
L - Dial Indicator Assembly 125-B 125-B 125-B

We make it easy to take care of fixes when you do run into damage. To order replacement parts or for questions on repairs, please contact our Customer Service Department at (310) 620-9313.

Please ship testers to be quoted for repair to:
Repair Department
Webster Instrument
11856 Mississippi Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90025